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UnifAce is a rapid development and architecture environment, which has great benefits for your oganization. 
Cmopared to .NET you will develop the same application 4 times faster.

First you need to create an architectural model of your application, which includes all components like web services, components, database and infrastructure. Then UnifAce will generate a framework in which you can make customizations and adapt the UnifAce code.

The concept is that your application will be platform independent and database independent, because UnifAce can interface your application to any database format and any OS or platform. Your application is also modular, because if you need to make changes in functionality or an extra database or functional component needs to be added you just plug it into the design or model.

UnifAce is one of the fastest to build development environments in the market. You can basically design and develop a distributed cloud based application in minutes. SAAS, IAAS, PAAS are all natively supported.

You can easily feed your application with SAP Hana data. For Enterprise Applications, where Big Data needs to be filtered and ordered, UnifAce is a great technology.  With UnifAce you can connect your application to different data sources and establish a uniform data layer in the cloud. With UnifAce you can bring your processes and your data closer to each other, elevating the performance of big volume data computing. Scalability will dramatically increase. UnifAce is fully compatible with Enterprise Data Virtualisation. This is especially needed for Enterprise Cloud Based Data Processing.

UnifAce is easy to learn. Applications can be built 7 times faster then Java and 4 times faster then .NET.
This leads to higher agility and higher quality. UnifAce enables you to deliver projects within time and budget. Quality is ultimate, because all the code in the framework has been proven to be highly performarmant and stable.