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Compuware is leading the APM market with DynaTrace. DynaTrace is an end-to-end monitoring solution. A light weight agent will be installed on all the nodes, where your distributed application is running. The agent will collect in depth run-time information of memory, synchronisation waiting time, performance, DiskIO, NetworIO, network latency, SQL stored procedures execution times etc etc. This is all collected with low overhead.

For analysis you will have a transaction monitor and the collected data will be presented in a way that makes sense. DynaTrace is integrated with world leading load testing tools like HP LoadRunner and Borland Silk Performer. This means that Silk Performer will put the application under stress and the smart collection of data as well as detailed reporting is powered by DynaTrace.

If you are searching the root cause of a defect due to memory leakage or an extremely hard to find performance bottleneck during production, DynaTrace is the tool of choice for you. ClearPoint has great experiences with Compuware DynaTrace.

With DynaTrace PurePath you can drill down into the critical components and methods followed by slow or instable transactions and even dive into the source code. Here you can even disassemble the object code executed on the CLR or JVM, in the case code is not available.

With Compuware DynaTrace you can pinpoint the root cause of a really hard to find problem in minutes ! As a result you can fix it.