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Tricentis Tosca is a great solution for automated functional testing. Requirements management has been seamlessly integrated with functional testing. This means that when one of your tests in your test procedures or testsuites is failing you can immediately identify the requirement to which this test is related to. This enables you to keep track on your requirements during the application lifecycle. This means that you always know in which requirements you still have defects and how many: No searching in the haystack anymore.

Off cource Tricentis Tosca comes with a complete test management solution so you always know your overal test coverage.

Tricenits Tosca also 
has a very smart capability to generate test data. When a specific field is used more in your functional testpaths this field will also occur more often in your test data. This makes automated data driven testing much more realistic and reliable.

Tricentic Tosca offers a solution for mobile testing as well. Both IOS and Android are supported.

Tricentis Tosca supports you with virtualisation for Enterprise Application Management and Orchestration.