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ClearPoint focusses on several areas.

1. Quality
2. Products / Tools
3. Sevices
4. Partnerships

We increase software Quality by assessing the current environment. We will take a look at projects, products and services and identify the hot spots, where improvements can be implemented. 

With the implementation of the right software quality products, fitting in the right solution we can establish deliverables within time and budget. Processes, communication, agility and efficiency will improve and quality will increase.

We offer a set of services from which your software developing and testing company will befenfit.
These services are tailored to increase software quality in different ways.

We have tight relationships / partnerships with service companies and product / tools companies.
We carry a very high level of knowledge and over 16 years of experience with us. We are experts in project management, testing, software development, implentation of quality products and solutions and root cause analysis of performance or stability problems.

ClearPoint is your partner for Software Quality.