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CodeReviews are an essential part of software development processes. All too often quality of delivered software is poor. When engineering of products has been outsourced this might be one of the major concerns. Poor code quality will lead to instability, poor performance and / or unnessesary investments in harware or cloud infrastructure. When applications are deployed on largely scalable environments the quality is crucial for user acceptance criteria.

ClearCodeReview is a service we offer as an independent third party, where we use expert knowledge and over 16 years cutting edge experience in combination with state of the art tooling. We use the built in software of Microsoft and Eclipse as well as commercial tools. During a CodeReview we highlight all the areas, that might be leading to problems in the field of Memory, Design, Usability, Security, Performance, Scalability, Database Design and Project Methodology.

ClearCodeReview can be performed in C++, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, Java. We reviewed many projects already in the field of Web Development, Device Driver Development, and Native Application Development.