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Application Quality Improvement

AQI is a service which will analyse, which activities can be improved in the ALM to increase quality and productivity. The following steps are followed:

We will do an assessment where we need the input of different stakeholders from management, finance, development, quality assurance, support and sales. Questions will be answered with open questions and with ratings. The team needs to dispute and agree on the ratings.

After the assessment we will process the data and make a full analysis of what can be improved and which stages should be implemented first to improve the overall process. You can see this as a detailed gap analysis.

The consultant who did the AQI analysis will come back to you with a structured presentation of the findings coming out of the assessment and analysis. The goal is to provide you a clear picture of the different stages which will lead to improvement of your software productivity process.

We will guide you in the implentation of the different steps to improve. This is an iterative process, so after each stage we will look at the actual improvements and guide you to the next step. We also estimate what the business and financial impact will be of each stage.